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What If You Knew Exactly What Car dealerships Already Know?

What if you were equipped with “Insider” information when you decided to go out shopping for your car? Imagine the time you could have saved on wasteful and frustrating dealership trips which couldn’t have helped you anyway.

Think about this for a moment....   If you had that insider information, how much money could you save?

I can tell you that number, and I don’t even know you. You could have saved several thousand dollars!

What If You Had INSIDER Information On Rebuilding Your Credit After a Car Purchase?

You would gain some surprising and very beneficial strategies that would save you thousands and help raise your credit score far faster than any usual route.

What if you knew exactly what to do, and just as important, what NOT to do with your credit after a bankruptcy?

This kind of information could actually save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLAR $$ over just a few years.

If someone came up to you and said they could make you thousands of dollars without any investment in several years…would you do it?

Of course you would!... But, no one will actually ask you that.

The IMPORTANT FACT that I am trying to get you to see is that BAD credit and Bad decisions could end up costing us tens of thousands of dollars very easily.

It can force us into BAD decision after BAD decision! Causing us to bust our good intentions and budget, cause us late fees, missed payments on other things and that VICIOUS CYCLE of bad credit and late payments that we know can happen.
It could also force us into driving vehicle that are out of warranty that break down, causing us hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs that we don't have. It can prevent us from re establishing our good credit and even buying a home later...
Consequently those decisions would literally force us into worse decisions and further bad credit, late payments to repossessions, and YES, even another Bankruptcy!  (Which is the financial Kiss of Death).

So, what if someone, let’s say a dealership INSIDER , Auto Finance Manager, and a Bankruptcy expert with over 25 years’ experience…Could tell you the  INSIDER information?  That SMOKING GUN,  insider information that dealers truly don’t want you to ever lay eyes on.

You would have a HUGE advantage!

Let’s take a look at what normally happens with a bankruptcy…

You file for bankruptcy and desperately want a fresh start. You’ve decided you’re ready to make the right financial choices and smarter purchases or get past a financial setback that wasn't your fault at all.

You are usually underwater (upside down) in your current automobile so you UNDERSTANDABLY for reasons I will go over later, will want to turn in your old car and get a new one. Oh let me just say it! YES! 98% of the time, you SHOULD get a new vehicle and give your old one back!

So, one day you get a letter or several letters soliciting you to call a dealership to HELP you get that car.  The letter says “You’re Approved” and looks very official, and all of a sudden you’re overcome with emotions of happiness and suspicion at the same time. ... Or maybe you’ve heard a commercial on radio or television…and it sounded like a good place to go.

Listen Carefully….
Watch Out.... DON’T DO IT!!

You better read this part:

When I started as a “Special Finance” manager, I typically made on average over $3000 – $4000.00 per customer for the dealership, per car. That is pure profit and didn’t even include all the interest and bank fees clients would end up paying after the purchase.

I'm not proud of this and ultimately it is why I started MyBKadvisor as a way to end this dealership practice. MyBKadvisor is my way of giving back.

Make no mistake, as a buyer you are the BIGGEST PROFIT CENTER that a dealership has. It has been that way for 20 years and is even more so now!
The dealerships do this every day. They do it 365 days a year (although they’re actually closed a few days).

You do this once every 3-10 years. If they’re good, they know all the banks and what they will and won’t do. If they aren't good. it's worse!

Who do you think has the upper hand?
Their job is to make as much $$$ off of you as they can, PERIOD!

Another IMPORTANT FACT to keep in mind is that maybe one dealership in 10 even knows what they are doing in the “Special Finance” area!  Honestly, a FEW have a capable person in that position or specialize in this area but (Most Don’t!).

Most will end up “Shot gunning” your credit to 5-8 lenders and pray that they get an “Approval”. If they do, you are usually shown 1-3 cars out of 100.

Make no mistake, these are the cars that they can make the most $$ on.

Once you say YES, this usually includes 1 to 2 additional points onto your interest rate (costing you a  to few more thousand) and they will wear you down in finance so you take the warranty and the gap coverage (more profit), and so on and so forth!

I know this to be true and you need to know this also!

Are you getting the picture yet?

What happened to that $300 payment that you had good intentions of budgeting yourself for??

It went to $450.00 to $500 per month and now you’re scared because you know you’ll struggle to put food on the table or pay rent!

Have you experienced this feeling, this type of situation? It can happen very easily unless you are protected!

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