Do It Yourself Course

MyBKAdvisor will teach you the 7 “Top Secret” strategies to get you that New or Newer vehicle at a lower payment than you currently have even with an open or discharged Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Done For You Service

MyBKAdvisor will do all the work for you!  Your time is precious, and we know this! With the Done for You Service, you just give us the information and we do the rest. You will get all the 7 Secrets insider information that you receive in the Do It Yourself course.

If You’re Thinking of Filing For Bankruptcy Emergency Kit ( You…

If you are Thinking about it … Just Filed it or Discharged a BK You need this information

Banks and their Guidelines

If you Love to know just how all this Chapter 7 and 13 financing works, Then this is a course you’ll want in your library because just 1 bit of the “Top Secret information “in it could Save You over $1000.Knowledge Is Power and this Course will allow you to see what the banks lender

Loan and Income Calculators Package

MyBKAdvisors Loan and Income Calculators package gives you 4 calculators that the lenders and car dealers use and all the Insider Information that goes with it!  If you have ever been told by a dealer or bank that you need more Money $ down or that your Debt to Income is too high this is

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