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MyBKAdvisor will teach you the 7 “Top Secret” strategies to get you that New or Newer vehicle at a lower payment than you currently have even with an open or discharged Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

MyBKAdvisor will teach you the 7 “Top Secret” strategies to get you that New or Newer vehicle at a lower payment than you currently have even with an open or discharged Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.Let us show you how to get out of a bad auto loan and into the vehicle and loan that you deserve, with interest rates that a 700 credit score would love!MyBKAdvisor will share the secrets to get the vehicle YOU want….Not the one that a “Car Dealer” picks out for you.We will teach you and show you how to get your dream vehicle with 0 down! And how to avoid dealing with those “Car Dealers”Avoid the “ Pitfalls” by knowing what you qualify for ahead of time. Learn what kinds of income and other things that will disqualify your loan and how to overcome those obstacles Before it get your loan turned down. AlMyBKadvisor’s mission is to help our clients rebuild great credit after filing for bankruptcy and to enable them to buy a vehicle, while also saving them thousands of dollars.      without getting taken advantage of just because they have a bankruptcy on their record, while also saving them thousands of dollars.Our goal is to use our proven 7 Secrets process, to enable our clients to get the best loan and vehicle packages without falling victim to predatory and deceptive, dealership sales and finance tactics.MyBKadvisor will always strive to give “real life” coaching, financial and credit strategies on an ongoing basis, before and after filing for a bankruptcy, that will result in them attaining their financial goals; whether it be a vehicle, home purchase, or just great credit.Above all else, our clients will be empowered to achieve financial freedom and the Fresh Start that they deserve.If you’re thinking about filing for a bankruptcy Parts 1 and 2:If you are just thinking about or If you have already filed for bankruptcy. Whether it is a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. MyBKadvisor will teach you all about it. We teach you in terms you can understand. We will share with you what to expect while you are going through the process, like whether to give back your vehicle in the bankruptcy and what happens if you do. We show you whether you qualify for a new auto loan and if you don’t and more importantly, how to get around that and get the approval another way!We show you how to get that Money $ back you paid the attorney, just by using our 7 Secrets strategies.  In fact with our program , we teach you how to save over $12,200 on your new vehicle purchase and loanWe help you avoid certain “Pitfalls” of the process that will affect you later if you don’t know about them. We teach you how to navigate all the little-known things that will cause your loan to be denied…. and all the great secret strategies that will help you get your loan Approved!We tell you all about the perfect time to get your auto loan. The “Sweet Spot” timing based off of YOUR own situation, because everybody has a different situation and experience. We want to show you how to use that to your advantage to get the loans you deserve and rebuild your credit up to Ten Times X Faster

Little Known and TOP SECRET Bankruptcy strategy to get a New or Newer vehicle With $0 Down Payment and Interest Rates "Like a 750 Credit Score Would Get"

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So Here's Everything You Get...

  • How To Find The 2-4 Banks In Your State That Will Give You An Auto Loan with the best interest rates and WE GET YOU APPROVED UPFRONT!…so you can shop like a CASH BUYER would!

    ” You’ll get the best loan package available and won’t have to constantly question yourself about whether you made the Right decision”


    ($1397 value)
  • We give you Access to your Credit report!  We allow you to access your personal credit file and attach it to your Account, so you have access to your actual ” State of Credit Condition”  because this will allow you to match your specific credit with the right lender!

    “You won’t have to worry about Car Dealers ” shotgunning” your credit around”

    ($187 value)
  • How To Get The Vehicle You Want (Not The One The Dealer Picks For You).

    We give you a Step by step ” Insider 7 secrets” guide to get you a $0 down and absolute lowest APR loan available!  ( as low as 7.9%) Even with an Open or Discharged Bankruptcy!

    ” You will get a Great Car!  and You won’t have to get pushed into a vehicle you did’t want”

    ($287 value)
  • Our full Training Courses and Videos and Live & Recorded Coaching Mastermind classes twice a week  that show you how to *Save yourself $1,500 to $5,000 in down payment and save up to $11,000 in Interest payments and

    *Save up to $15,287 overall on your Auto Loan

    You will actually get the “Fresh start” you deserve!


    ($500 value)
  • Top Secret Credit tricks to rebuild your credit 10X faster than you would without our program


    ($1497 value)
  • Instant Access to “Top secret” Lender calculators

    You will get.. Debt to Income, Auto Loan Calculators and Monthly Gross Income calculators that the lenders use to approve or Deny your loan

    “You don’t have to worry about whether you qualify or not… or whether the vehicle that you want will work for your loan”

    ($197 value)
  • You will get Access to our Vehicle Locators so you can easily find your next vehicle ( NEW or PREOWNED) and shop like a ” Cash Buyer”

    We tell you How to communicate with the Decision Makers at the Dealership so You Have The Control….… Not the Car dealers!

    ” You won’t have to go into a Car Dealership and go through the usual Car Dealership Games!”

    ($295 value)
  • We show you how to get that Truck or SUV for the same Payments as a car and Save over $10,000 while doing it!     ” If you are looking for an SUV or Truck this program will get you the vehicle you want!”


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The next sections are designed to help you cut out the clutter and confusion that can be so overwhelming to some people. The bottom line is that a lot of things people going through a bankruptcy worry about are unnecessary and time consuming. This system has been designed to fast forward to what really matters,

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