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Our Mission Statement:

MyBKadvisor's mission is to help our clients rebuild great credit after filing for bankruptcy and to enable them to buy a vehicle without getting ripped off, while also saving them thousands of dollars.

Our goal is to use our proven "7 Secret Steps" process to enable our clients to get the best loan and vehicle packages without falling victim to predatory and deceptive, dealership sales and finance tactics.

MyBKadvisor will always strive to give "real life" coaching, financial and credit strategies on an ongoing basis, before and after filing for a bankruptcy, that will result in them attaining their financial goals; whether it be a vehicle, home purchase, or just great credit.

Above all else, our clients will be empowered to achieve financial freedom and the Fresh Start that they deserve.



MyBKadvisor shows you that you have plenty of options! 

Did you realize that lower rates and down payment may be available to you JUST AFTER you’ve filed bankruptcy and BEFORE discharge, and that waiting for that discharge might actually HURT you rather than help you? Probably not, but I’ll tell you why…

• Listen, my friend there is a very short list of Players (banks) to approach with a bankruptcy on file. Having “Insider” information and knowing exactly which lenders to go with for financing will save you THOUSANDS in hard earned cash.

• Furthermore it will also save you from making BAD decisions. After all, isn’t this why you filed bankruptcy in the first place?

I’m my own client:

• I’m my own client!

Let me explain, so it makes more sense.... I know you’re probably thinking or feeling like, who are you? Have you gone through what’s seemingly a worsening situation, Have you gone through what I have ?

Well, you’d be happy to know I have!

It definitely helps the situation in working with someone who’s been through exactly what you’re going through.

• I started in bankruptcy financing over 20 years ago when I was forced to file bankruptcy myself. I have seen what you currently are seeing, experienced what you are currently experiencing. I’ve followed though everything I’m suggesting to you, and yes I have come out back on top. I’ve rebuilt and reestablished my own credit after a bankruptcy. I can assist you in doing the same!

Overall, this places me in the perfect position to be able to walk you through doing the same things I did.

Not only that, I continuously do financing on a daily basis within my career, plus I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. I have been working on the dealerships side all this time.

NOW I want to help my clients get the absolute best loan and vehicle they can. Helping others to reach my level of achievement is a way for me  to Give more than I take in life! It's a way for me to actually help people in a VERY DIRECT and IMMEDIATE way, and I’m ready to share these INSIDER SECRETS with you right now!

MyBKadvisor is currently working and financing autos in the industry. We do this on a daily basis and ensure that individuals like you receive the most up to date information and helpful resources.

Knowledge is Power!

In being a Special Finance Manager for over 20 years, I have made Dealerships a lot of money by advertising to, and selling to people who have bruised or just rough credit and have had to File for Bankruptcy.

My customers would have to take the cars I had in stock and the ones with the most profit for the dealer.

One thing that was always constant when we spoke over the phone or in person, was that they were always asking 4 MAIN QUESTIONS:

  1. Is this a real approval or a gimmick?
  2. Will my interest rate be outrageous and how big will my payment be?
  3. Can I chose the car I want?
  4. Will I have to put a lot of money down?



Even though my rates and deals were better than the other dealers around they were still usually always way over what my clients were wanting.


About 12 years ago and after years of the same questions, I was tired of putting Thousands of dollars in the Dealership’s pocket on every client and costing the clients thousands more in interest after the sale.

At the same time I was grappling with my customers fears, because they knew that they would may get taken advantage of.

 I knew that there had to be a better way!

There had to be a way I could FLIP the usual dreadful process and HELP people make a great financial decision on their vehicle purchase, on the vehicle THEY wanted!

At the same time, I was going through my own conscience change....

Doing the RIGHT THING was becoming much more important to me than just making the dealer and myself , another buck.

It was becoming for me, about putting more good into the world and about being more of a giver than a taker!

So long story short…. I have done it! I figured out how to HELP my people through MyBKadvisor using my vast experience and still be able to make a living…

MyBKadvisor helps our clients with our "7 secrets" 7 Step process to give them the best loan and vehicle packages and walking them through a normally difficult process, to get the best and least expensive vehicles and payments.

So I hope that you let MyBKadvisor put all that hard earned cash back into the right pockets…. YOURS!

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