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Do It Yourself Course

MyBKAdvisor will teach you the 7 “Top Secret” strategies to get you that New or Newer vehicle at

Done For You Service

MyBKAdvisor will do all the work for you!  Your time is precious, and we know this! With the

If You’re Thinking of Filing For Bankruptcy Emergency Kit ( You…

If you are Thinking about it … Just Filed it or Discharged a BK You need this information

Banks and their Guidelines

If you Love to know just how all this Chapter 7 and 13 financing works, Then this is

Loan and Income Calculators Package

MyBKAdvisors Loan and Income Calculators package gives you 4 calculators that the lenders and car dealers use and

Monthly Gross Income Calculator

This calculator figures your income correctly. Without it you may overstate your income. It also gives you a

Bankruptcy Auto Financing the easy way


Buy Here Pay Here or NOT to buy here pay here

In-House Financing “Buy Here – Pay Here” Stay Clear! It’s Too Risky! “Buy Here Pay Here”, In-House lenders,


  The media, newspapers, internet are full of information, but sadly, much of the information concerning credit is


If you look closely you’ll notice… “View 19 FICO versions” “Compare FICO 8” What does all this mean?

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